Just like love, the more you seek it, the harder to find. But when you are not looking, it finds you.

Or is it because people are less likely to extend a hand these days? Are people more consumed with other matters to notice?

A few years back, as I was walking home, I saw a young man stop and help an old lady cross the street. It was such a simple gesture but it struck me, wishing I had taken a photo. That actually inspired me to do this project. I've been meaning to do this for a long time but never got to it until now. It was then that I realized there is still goodness in people. That people still care.

However these days, when I sit by a coffee shop, I try to observe and yes it's true, people are always looking down. How can they see that there might be an old lady needing help crossing the street, or someone needs assistance to open a door because her arms are full. These days, eyes are glued on phones rather than the world.

Maybe people still care… they're just too busy looking down.


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