I’m realizing that looking for people doing small goood deeds is difficult, specially if you look for it everyday.  I keep my eyes open , with my camera ready to click away. Though I haven’t found anything so far, I’m learning to be more observant of people around me.. like while I was having tea at a coffee shop, I  had called out to a mom whose daughter’s clip was hanging by the tip of the bangs, or  finding that people still keep doors open for others to pass thru, or a father playing with his kids ( through using a gadget).  I did find a book about doing good.

Today I spent my morning with my 2 angels, walked to the nearest mall and had breakfast together at a coffee shop, spent sometime at the park nearby, then went to watch a fencing match with my eldest.

After watching, we walked to the mall next door and did some shopping and bonding.

In the afternoon, my youngest and I tried a new Korean cheese stuffed bread recipe which turned out pretty good!

While I try to find good around me, let me create good.  Maybe we can challenge ourselves to do small good things everyday. It may be little but for the person we do good to, it may be life changing .


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