Closest to my heart

Let me start by sharing beauty from a place and from people closest to my heart. I don't need to look far.

Today is my dad's birthday and he is 79 years old. He suffers from Alzheimer's but luckily he still remembers us, his 3 children.   It is a blessing indeed that we are still able to celebrate his birthday,  and spend time with him.

As my 2 brothers and I were discussing where  and how to celebrate his birthday, my mom texted me :

My dad asked what my gift is for him, and I teased him, LOVE.  Coincidentally my eldest brother called him and was asked the same question and he said, KISS.  Now they wonder what my other brother will give him… maybe it's HUG.  This is my family.  We are simple, yet rich in love and affection. This simplicity is the most beautiful that I can share, not just for today, but for my lifetime.

My own family is a broken one… I've separated from my husband, and I strive to show my 2 beautiful children the kind of love I experienced from my youth, and is still experiencing  now.  I want to show my kids that even when our family is not whole,  the love of a Family is still present in their lives.

Beauty from our hearts, from our home.


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